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MyPOLY is a web-based information system personalized for the convenience of POLY students.

By logging on to MyPOLY, you may easily access your current and previous schedules, grades, payment history, services requested and much more.

You no longer need to go to the school and wait in line, or make a phone call, for such information. You may also take your final exams here.

Only accepted students may use the MyPOLY system. Upon acceptance to POLY, you will receive the MyPOLY password to your e-mail account as stated in the application form. Depending on the student's e-mail server, our school e-mails may be treated as a spam/junk mail. So please check your Spam/Junk folders for your MyPOLY password.

Here are the menu items in MyPOLY:
Menu Description
The letter of acknowledgement can be viewed here. The letter indicates that the student has received the school literature and agreed to the school terms, policies, and procedures.
My Profile
The student’s personal information and details are stored here, so students can check for accuracy of name spelling, date of birth, e-mail address, home address, telephone number, etc.
Visa Information
Information relevant to a non-immigrant F-1 student can be viewed here.
Schedule / Payment
The list of current and previous payment schedules, as well as the student's payment history, can be viewed here.
Placement Test
This page leads the students to their English Proficiency Assessment Test, which is required from all new students for their proper placement.
Final Exam
The students can take the final test for each course that requires final exam.
Information and details regarding arranged housing and flight information are here. Students who requested accommodation arrangement and/or airport transfer services may update this page if there are any changes.
Student Evaluation
The students are asked to evaluate their teachers and the admin staff using this page.
Message POLY
The student can send the POLY management their suggestions, reports and recommendations using this page.